Will the New Nintendo NX Ditch Digital Files and Discs for Cartridges?

Written by  on May 18, 2016

In the early days of Nintendo gaming, all of the games come in some form of a cartridge. To the people who do not know, a cartridge is a bulky piece of equipment that stores all of the game’s files in it.

Cartridges, although bulky, are still good because they provide collectors a sense of accomplishment. In years’ time, cartridges will become extinct and the ones who have collected their game cartridges will be happy that they did save it.

We now live in a world where most games can be downloaded directly from their internet. This saves us space in our homes and this also helps us play the game after we have downloaded it.

Although this is quite a good thing, most people still love to have discs as it can be a part of their gaming collection.

Now, there are rumors circulating over the internet that the new Nintendo “NX” console will use cartridges instead of digital media and or discs.

According to the rumors, Nintendo partnered with “Macronix”, a company that has been known to release game cartridges over the years.

There is a Japanese website that leaked these reports and has said that the ROM cartridges (game cartridges) will be released at the same time in all regions.

Furthermore, Macronix was testing their new 32nm ROM architecture. The ones that you see on the Nintendo 3DS (their previous ROM cartridges) sport a 75nm architecture that is only capable of holding 8GB of data.

Now, what does this mean for the layperson. This means that Macronix is working on a new product line that is potentially the new Nintendo NX’s game cartridges.

Macronix is making all of the big moves and that is why people are speculating that what the company did is actually their way of hinting to the general public that the upcoming Nintendo NX console will have the game cartridges back.

Although all of these are just rumors, fans, and haters of game cartridges are already making their stands.

For the people who want the Nintendo NX console to have game cartridges, this means that they will have the option to collect all of their games for the respective console.

On the other hand, haters of game cartridges do not want any of it because of the fact that, well, game cartridges will just add another layer of bulk in their homes.

As for me, I actually embrace the possibility of the game cartridges for the Nintendo NX. I mean, aside from having a collection, there is a sense of fulfilment about owning one.

To add to that, game cartridges are more reliable because the information is already there and there is nothing that can corrupt the data inside of it.

Do remember that everything I’ve said are still just rumors and speculations and does not really reflect what Nintendo has envisioned.

Whether the Nintendo NX console will have game cartridges or not, are you excited about the upcoming game console?

Nintendo DS console – changing how we game

Written by  on November 3, 2013

The Nintendo DS console was first introduced to the public in North America in 2004, and was a revolution in handheld gaming. It was noted because of its main feature, the dual screens. nintendo dsIt was packed with a number of features not found before in a console and was an evolutionary step for its manufacturer Nintendo. Since its introduction, the DS has seen a number of variations and has evolved into a handheld that is continuing to push the boundaries.


The Nintendo DS has a number of features in its launch, the main one of course was the dual screens, which was and still is the only one of the main console manufacturers to possess it. There was the top LCD screen, as well as the lower screen which was equipped with touch screen technology.

Add to that wireless connectivity and a built in microphone, and it had a lot that people wanted. There was also backwards compatibility with the early DS to the Gameboy and the Gameboy advance. Although the DS had a smaller cartridge, there was a second slot that could accommodate the larger cartridges of the Gameboy.

The interior had an improved spec to that of the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. It had a 4 MB of RAM and a 67 MHz ARM7 processor. It took a new type of cartridge that was a lot smaller than the previous ones. It also had a larger capacity than the Gameboy ones.


The Nintendo DS has evolved a lot since its introduction, the initial DS was fairly square in its design. It was a clamshell design where it folded between the two screens.

The next evolution was the Nintendo DS Lite, this version was lighter, but retained the clamshell design. It had a brighter screen and was sleeker and more refined. Sales of the original DS were still strong so Nintendo opted for a smaller version as opposed to keeping the original size.

Since then, there have been other new designs including the DSi which had a larger display, two cameras as well as external storage capacity. There was also a bigger version called the XL which was bigger with bigger screens.

A new version with a 3D top screen called a Nintendo 3DS was launched which also sported a faster processor and 3D cameras.

The Nintendo DS has been at the forefront of handheld technology for many years.

DSTT cards and their uses

Written by  on November 10, 2012

The new “cheap” DSST flashcard may be the card that you need and want. Paying the right price can go a long way in how acceptable the performance of your flashcard. It is amazing how much more acceptable issues are when you do not pay a lot for your flash card.


You can find many of the latest features with this DSST like soft resets and saving directly to the micro sd. There are other options that are available as well that you normally only find with more expensive cards.


The Package


Compatibility is one of the best features of this card. The card is delivered with a reader that is compatible and can work frontwards or backwards. The reader is great if you have other high capacity cards that did not come with a reader.


It also includes a CD which is good if you have a slower internet speed or you just don’t want to have to deal with websites and downloads! The CD is also nice to have as a back up just in case.


The package comes complete with a rather heavy duty storage case which is nice especially because this is a “budget” card.




The sd card is spring loaded which is a nice option. Some people do not care for the spring loaded option because they feel like it is one more thing that can go wrong with the card but most people agree that the spring load is just easier to use.


This slot 1 SD card is easy to use! This is a very friendly homebrew card for new users. The performance is right on with most all games except for one. Contra 4. That is the only title that this card will not work with.


It is a pretty fast booting card. There is no lag which also is nice. There are plenty of really good attributes that this card offers. No known issues and plenty of customizable options.


This card features full download play! Many cards do not.




This is a great card for the price. It is budget friendly but outperforms most other flashcards in the budget friendly category. You get all the bang you need for your buck! This may be the only card you need for awhile.


There is nothing bad to say about the DSST flashcard. No one is sure why the card is not compatible with Contra 4 but it is the only game that it does not work with.